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Declaration of unemployment/applying for unemployment benefits

Instructions for online procedure.

As newly unemployed, you have to inform your local job centre (jobnet.dk) about your status and apply for unemployment benefits from your unemployment insurance fund – 'a-kasse'

You have to register as a job seeker at Jobnet.dk on the first day that you are unemployed. At jobnet.dk you also have to create your own CV, before your CV-meeting with your a-kasse and no later than two weeks after registered as unemployed.

To be eligible for benefits, you need to fill in and send a declaration of unemployment (ledighedserklæring or ansøgning om dagpenge) [Link til a-kassens ledighedserklæring/ansøgning om dagpenge].

You can apply for unemployment benefits when you are unemployed after a working-period (as an employee or self-employed) or you can apply as a newly graduate.

If you apply for unemployment benefits after a working period, you must meet several conditions to be entitled to Danish unemployment benefits. If you apply for unemployment benefits as a newly graduate, there are some other conditions, you must meet. You can learn more about the conditions at Life in Denmark’s website.

In order to approve your right to benefits, the a-kasse will receive information about your income and working hours from the Danish income register (indkomstregisteret).

Below you will find some phrases and questions that you usually will be asked when applying for unemployment benefits from your 'a-kasse'.

If you have any questions when filling in the form, please contact your 'a-kasse' for more information.

The purpose of the application for unemployment benefit (ledighedserklæring) is that the unemployment insurance fund can obtain sufficient information to decide on your entitlement to unemployment benefit. This means, among other things, that the unemployment insurance fund will ask you the following:

  • Whether and when you were registered with the job centre and whether you can take over work with a day's notice during normal working hours. The reason is that entitlement to unemployment benefit is conditional on being available for work. While receiving benefits, you must be available for the labour market. That means that you are required to be available for employment opportunities - work. It also means that you are obliged to apply actively for jobs you can maintain and accept relevant jobs. You have to accept jobs referred by the a-kasse or your job centre at a day’s notice (General).

  • About why you are unemployed – i.e. cause of unemployment. You must state whether you have become unemployed after graduation, resignation or dismissal, or have you become unemployed after a period of self-employment.

  • About your employment. Where have you been employed, during what periods and what is the reason why you have stopped working.

  • About the reason for termination of work – have you been terminated by your employer and, if so, why?  Fixed-term contract, restructuring, cutbacks, job cuts. If you have quit your job (resignation), you must state why you have done so. For example, transport problems, illness, childcare.

  • Whether you apply for unemployment benefits as a newly graduate. Here you will be asked for information about your education. You will also have to tell the unemployment insurance fund whether you did have residence in Denmark before your education began and after the education, and whether you meet the language requirement. The language requirement for graduates means that you must possess a level of Danish equal to Dansk 2. For example, you have met the language requirement if you have completed a degree taught in Danish. If you don’t meet the language requirement for graduates, you can meet the requirement by having at least 600 hours of employment within 12 months of the last 24 months.

  • Whether you apply for unemployment benefit after cessation of self-employment. Here you will be asked about the company's CVR number, whether you own part of a company and how you have ceased the business.

  • Whether you work part time or have reduced your working hours. If you work part time as an employee or self-employed, you can receive supplementary unemployment benefit for 30 weeks. If you as an employee are covered by a notice period, you must have a release certificate.

  • Information about income and activities. You must provide information about everything that may affect your entitlement to unemployment benefit. This may be, for example, board work, unpaid work, self-employment as a sideline activity, asset management (formueforvaltning) and leisure activities (fritidsbeskæftigelse).

  • About your citizenship and work and residence permit. The reason is that you can only receive unemployment benefits if you have legal residence in Denmark and are allowed to work in Denmark.

The EU regulation establishing the Single Digital Gateway (SDG) says that cross border users from other EU countries must have access to information and self-service solutions on, among other things, unemployment.

In this guide, you can find information on how to fill out the unemployment insurance funds' (a-kassens) online procedure regarding declaration of unemployment and applying for unemployment benefits.

It is important that you answer the questions correctly. It may have consequences for your entitlement to unemployment benefit if you provide incorrect information or fail to disclose circumstances of importance to your entitlement to unemployment benefit. Information which turns out to be incorrect may lead to claims for reimbursement of unemployment benefits and loss of rights.

If you find it difficult to find a specific question or word in the instructions, you can use the search function in pdf/word.

Please contact the “a-kasse”, if you have any questions or need help when completing the online.


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1. Generelt

General  Questions

Første dag som ledig

First day as unemployed

Første ledighedsdato

First date of unemployment

Hvilken dag søger du dagpenge fra?

Which day are you applying for unemployment benefits from?

Tilmelding som ledig på Jobnet.dk

Registration as unemployed/available on Jobnet.dk

Opret et CV inden to uger fra tilmeldingen på jobnet.dk

Create a resume/CV within two days of registering on Jobnet.dk

Jeg erklærer på tro og love, at oplysningerne er rigtige, jf. § 86, stk. 1-2, og § 87, stk. 1-2, i lov om arbejdsløshedsforsikring

I declare in good faith (on faith and law) that the information is correct, cf. § 86, stk. 1-2, og § 87, stk. 1-2 of the Unemployment Insurance Act

Urigtige oplysninger kan medføre krav om tilbagebetaling af dagpenge mv. og tab af rettigheder. Du kan også blive meldt til politiet.

Incorrect information may result in claims for reimbursement of benefits etc. and loss of rights. You can also be reported to the police.

Oplysningspligt – du har pligt at oplyse a-kassen om ændringer i dine forhold

Obligation to provide information – It is your duty to inform a-kassen of any changes in your circumstances

Stå til rådighed for arbejdsmarkedet

To be available for the labor market

Pligt til at overtage arbejde med dags varsel, inden for normal arbejdstid

Obligation to take over work with a day’s notice and within normal working hours.

Samtykke til at a-kassen indhenter oplysninger hos tidligere arbejdsgivere

Giving consent to a-kassen obtaining information from former employers

2. Årsag til ledighed

Cause of unemployment

Hvad er årsagen til, at du melder dig ledig?

·       Stoppet i arbejde

·       Ophørt i et arbejde som lønmodtager

·       Arbejder på nedsat tid som lønmodtager

·       Arbejdsfordeling

·       Afsluttet en uddannelse

·       Afbrudt en uddannelse

·       Været syg og nu raskmeldt

·       Barselsorlov er slut

·       Har holdt ferie/fri for egen regning

·       Ophørt/stoppet som selvstændig

·       Er selvstændig og søger om supplerende dagpenge

·       Kollektiv ferielukning

What is the reason for your unemployment registration?

·       Stopped working

·       Stopped working as an employee

·       Working reduced hours/part time as an employee

·       Division of labor/work-sharing

·       Completed education

·       Interrupted education

·       Been sick and is now well

·       Maternity leave is over

·       Have been om holiday/free at own expense

·       Ceases/stopped as self-employed

·       Is self-employed and applying for supplementary unemployment benefits

·       Collective holiday closure

Jeg er ledig som

·       Lønmodtager

·       Selvstændig

·       Nyuddannet

I am unemployed/free as

·       An employee

·       Self-employed

·       A recent graduate

3. Oplysninger om uddannelse

Information about education

Afsluttet uddannelse

Completed education

Bliver du ledig efter afsluttet uddannelse?

Will you be umemployed after completing your education?

Har du afsluttet en uddannelse på mindst 18 måneders varighed inden for de seneste to år?

Have you completed an education of at least 18 months duration within the last two years?

Uddannelsessted – skolens navn

Educational institution – the name of the school

Hvilken uddannelse?

Uddannelsens navn

Which education?

Name of the education

Uddannelsen er begyndt den

Hvornår har du startet din uddannelse?

The education started on (date)

When did you start your education?

Uddannelsen er gennemført den

Hvornår har du afsluttet din uddannelse?

The education is completed on (date)

When did you complete your education?

Havde du bopæl og ophold i Danmark, lige før du startede uddannelsen?

Did you have your residence in Denmark just before you started the education?

For at få dagpenge som nyuddannet, skal du opfylde et sprogkrav

To receive unemployment benefits as a recent graduate, you must meet a language requirement

Har du gennemført en dansksproget uddannelse?

Have you completed an education taught in Danish?

Har du gennemført 6. klasse i dansk folkeskole, privatskole, friskole?

Have you completed 6th grade in Danish primary school, private school, free school?

Har du bestået prøve i Dansk 2?

Have you passed the Danish 2 exam [prøve i Dansk 2]?

Har du bestået folkeskolens afsluttende prøver i 9. eller 10. klasse?

Have you passed the final exams in the 9th or 10th grade?

Forventer du at have arbejde efter endt uddannelse?

Do you expect to have a job after graduation? Do you expect to have working hours after the graduation?

Har du haft arbejde efter endt uddannelse?

Har du haft arbejde efter du afsluttede din uddannelse?

Did you have working hours job after the graduation?

Have you had a job since graduating?

Dato for 1. arbejdstime efter endt uddannelse

Angiv din første dag med lønarbejde efter uddannelse/dimission

Date of the 1st hour of work after graduation

Enter your first day of paid work after graduation


Maintenance obligation for a child

Har du forsørgerpligt over for et barn/børn?

Do you have maintenance obligations for a child or children?

Er du forsørger for et barn, der bor i Danmark eller i et andet EØS-land?

Do you have maintenance obligations for a child living in Denmark or in another EEA country?

Jeg har afsluttet en erhvervsmæssig uddannelse af mindst 18 måneders varighed og jeg anmoder om nyoptagelse som dimittend og som fuldtidsforsikret, såfremt dette kan give mig bedre rettigheder end mine nuværende.

I have completed a education that qualifies for a state education grant (SU) and the duration of the degree was at least 18 months and I am applying for full time membership as a newly graduate, if this can give me better rights than my current ones.

4. Oplysninger om ansættelsesforhold/arbejdsforhold

Information about your employment


Seneste ansættelser

Seneste lønarbejde


Most recent employment

Most recent employment

Oplys om dine ansættelser de 3 seneste måneder

Information about your employment in the last 3 months

Hvor har du været ansat?

Where have you been employed?



Status på ansættelsesforhold

·       Er ophørt

·       Fortsætter

Status of employment

·      Stopped working

·       Still working reduced hours/part time

I hvilke perioder har du været ansat?

During which periods have you been employed?

Ophørt i ansættelsesforhold

Stopped working as an employee

Oplysninger om ophørt ansættelse

Information om terminated employment

Jeg er lønmodtager

I am an employee

Jeg ejer andele alene eller sammen med min nærmeste familie, mindst 50 % af virksomheden

I own shares (alone or with my immediate family – “nærmeste familie”) at least 50% of the company

Jeg arbejder i min ægtefælles virksomhed

I work in my spouse's company


Job title

5. Årsag til arbejdsophør

Cause of termination of employment

5a. Selv sagt op

Resignation – have you resigned yourself?

·       Grund til at du selv har sagt op:

·       Ønsker nye udfordringer

·       Forhold på arbejdspladsen

·       Problemer med pasning af nærtstående familie/børnepasning

·       Helbredsproblemer/sygdom

·       Lægelige dokumentation/lægeattest

·       Transporttid/transportproblemer

·       Har du mere end 3 timers transporttid?

·       Flyttet pga. ægtefælles/samlevers jobskifte/nyt arbejde eller uddannelse

·       Opbrugt ret til supplerende dagpenge

·       Indgået fratrædelsesaftale

·       Andet

·       Cause of resignation - why did you resign?

·       Want new challenges

·       Reasons regarding the workplace

·       Problems with care for close relatives/childcare problems

·       Health problems/illness

·       Medical documentation/medical certificate

·       Travel time/transport problems

·       Do you have more than 3 hours of transport time?

·       Moved due to spouse's/partner's change of job/new job or education

·       I have runed out of supplementary unemployment benefits

·       Severance agreement

·       Other

Hvad har du gjort for at løse problemet?

What did you do to solve the problem?

Har du forsøgt at få andet arbejde på arbejdspladsen?

Did you try to get other work tasks at the workplace?

5b. Opsagt af arbejdsgiver

Dismissal – did your employer dismissed you?

Hvad er årsagen til, at du er ophørt i arbejdet?

Cause of termination of employment - What is the reason why you have stopped working?


·       Arbejdsmangel (ordremangel/nedgang i opgaver), nedskæringer

·       Tidsbegrænset ansættelse, vikariat, projektansættelse

·       Hjemsendelse (vejrlig)

·       Nedskæringer

·       Omstrukturering

·       Ophør i jobrotation

·       Sygdom

·       Samarbejdsvanskeligheder

·       Mine kvalifikationer passede ikke stillingen

·       Bortvisning

·       Opsagt pga. fravær

·       Kollektiv ferielukning

·       Arbejdsgiver er gået konkurs

·       Anden årsag

Cause of dismissal:

·       Shortage of work (lack of orders/reduction in tasks), downsizing

·       Fixed-term employment, temporary employment, project employment

·       Layoff due to weather

·       Cut downs

·       Restructuring

·       Stopped working in job rotation

·       Illness

·       Cooperation difficulties

·       My qualifications did not fit the job title

·       Instant dismissal

·       Dismissal due to absence

·       Collective holiday closure

·       Employer has gone bankrupt

·       Other cause

Dokumentation fra din arbejdsgiver, f.eks. opsigelse eller dokumentation for hjemsendelse

Documentation from your employer, e.g. document of dismissal or documentation of layoff due to weather

Har du fået dit fulde opsigelsesvarsel?

Har du fået dit fulde opsigelsesvarsel i henhold til din overenskomst, funktionærloven eller ansættelseskontrakt?

Dit opsigelsesvarsel er perioden fra den dato, du selv har sagt dit job op eller er blevet opsagt af din arbejdsgiver, til og med den dato, hvor dit ansættelsesforhold slutter og virksomheden ikke længere skal udbetale løn til dig

Did you get your full period of notice?

Did you get your full period of notice in accordance with your collective agreement, the Salaried Employees Act or employment contract?

Your notice period is the period from the date on which you have resigned from your job or been terminated by your employer up to and including the date on which your employment ends and the company no longer has to pay you wages

Arbejdsgiverens/virksomhedens lukning

Closure of the employer/company

Virksomhedens konkurs

Er der anmeldt krav til Lønmodtagernes Garantifond?

Company bankruptcy

Have claims been filed with the Employees' Guarantee Fund?

Udløb af tidsbegrænset ansættelse

Expiry of fixed-term contract

Kollektiv ferielukning

·       Arbejdspladsens ferieplan eller varslingsskrivelse

·       Har du holdt alle dine feriedage – både egen optjent ferie og feriedagpenge?

Collective holiday closure

·       Workplace holiday schedule or letter of holiday notice

·       Have you taken all your holiday days – both your holiday days according to the Danish Holiday act and your days with holiday pay? Holiday pay is a type of benefit that you can receive from your unemployment insurance fund when you take a vacation


Division of labor/work-sharing

6. Arbejder på nedsat tid/gået ned i tid

Working part time/reduced working hours

Jeg arbejder fortsat, men på nedsat tid

I am still working, but part time

Min arbejdstid er blevet sat ned

My working hours are reduced

Fortsætter i et ansættelsesforhold

Continuing in an employment

Er din ugentlige arbejdstid ændret/er du gået ned i tid?

Have your weekly working hours changed/have you reduced your working hours?

Hvad var din ugentlige arbejdstid, før ændringen?

What were your weekly working hours before the change?

Har du selv valgt at gå ned i tid?

Have you chosen to reduce your working hours yourself?

Hvad er årsagen til, at du er gået ned i tid?

·       Problemer med børnepasning eller nærtstående familie

·       Syg/helbredsproblemer

·       Transportproblemer/transporttid

·       Ønsker nye udfordringer

·       Forhold på arbejdspladsen

·       Ændret arbejdstid pga. nedskæringer eller omstruktureringer

·       Ikke nok arbejdsopgaver

·       Ansat i vikariat eller tidsbegrænset ansættelse

·       Andet

What is the reason why you are working reduced hours?

·       Problems with childcare or close family

·       Sick/health problems

·       Transport problems/journey time

·       Want new challenges

·       Reasons regarding the workplace

·       Changes in working hours due to cutbacks or restructuring

·       Not enough work tasks

·       Temporary or fixed-term employment

·       Other

Hvad er årsagen til, at din arbejdsgiver har ændret din arbejdstid?

·       Nedskæringer eller omstruktureringer

·       Vikariat, tidsbegrænset ansættelse, projektansættelse

·       Ikke nok arbejdsopgaver

·       Sygdom

·       Arbejdsfordeling

What is the reason why your employer has changed your working hours?

·       Downsizing or restructuring

·       Temporary employment, fixed-term employment, project employment

·       Not enough work tasks

·       Illness

·       Division of labor/work-sharing

Har du et opsigelsesvarsel?

Do you have a notice of termination?

Vil din arbejdsgiver se bort fra opsigelsesvarslet, så du kan opsige dit job med dags varsel, hvis du får et andet job med flere arbejdstimer?

Will your employer waive the notice period so that you can terminate your job with a day's notice if you get another job with more working hours?


Vær opmærksom på, at der gælder en 5-ugersfrist, når du skal have en frigørelsesattest fra din arbejdsgiver, hvis du i din ansættelse er omfattet af et opsigelsesvarsel.

Release certificate

Please note that there is a 5-week deadline for receiving a release certificate from your employer if you are covered by a notice period during your employment.

7. Oplysninger om selvstændig virksomhed/ophørte selvstændige beskæftigelsesforhold

Information on self-employment/discontinued self-employment

Har du haft et CVR-nummer?

Did you have a CVR number?

The CVR number is an 8-digit number identifying the company in Denmark (the Central Business Register).

Har din ægtefælle et CVR-nummer?

Does your spouse have a CVR number?

Har du arbejdet i virksomheden?

Have you been working in the company?

Har du eller har du haft et CVR-nummer inden for de seneste 3 år?

Do you have or did you have a CVR number within the past 3 years?

Har du haft et overskud/underskud af selvstændig virksomhed inden for de seneste 5 år?

Have you made a profit/loss from self-employment within the past 5 years?

Har du modtaget B-indkomst, der vil indgå i en selvstændig virksomhed?

Har du modtaget B-indkomst, der bliver beskattet efter reglerne om selvstændig virksomhed?

Have you received “B-indkomst” (income not taxable at source) that will be included in your company’s profit/loss?

Have you received “B-indkomst” (income not taxable at source) that is taxed according to the rules on self-employment?

Har du selvangivet B-indkomst til Skat?

Do you have self-declared “B-indkomst” (income not taxable at source)?

Er du ejer eller medejer af en virksomhed, hvor du har udført personligt arbejde?

Are you the owner or co-owner of a business/company where you have done personal work?

Har du arbejdet i et selskab, hvor du eller din ægtefælle har afgørende indflydelse?

Have you worked in a company (“selskab” such as A/S, ApS etc.) where you or your spouse have “decisive influence”?

Har du arbejdet i din ægtefælles virksomhed?

Have you worked in your spouse's business?

Har du haft en lønaftale, mens du har arbejdet i din ægtefælles virksomhed?

Have you had a salary agreement (“lønaftale” according to § 25a in the Withholding Tax Act) while working at your spouse's company?

Har du haft arbejde i din ægtefælles virksomhed uden en lønaftale efter kildeskattelovens § 25a?

Have you worked in your spouse's company without a salary agreement (“lønaftale”) according to section 25a of the Danish Withholding Tax Act?

Har du fået løn fra selskab, hvor du eller din ægtefælle sammen med nærmeste familie har haft afgørende indflydelse?

Have you received a salary from a company (“selskab” such as A/S, ApS) in which you or your spouse, together with your immediate family, have had a “decisive influence”?

Afgørende indflydelse vil sige ejerskab af et selskab på mindst 50 % af selskabskapitalen/stemmeværdien

“Decisive influence” means ownership of a company (“selskab” such as A/S, ApS) of at least 50% of the share capital/voting value

Nærmeste familie vil sige dine børn, børnebørn, forældre, bedsteforældre, søskende, ægtefælle eller din ægtefælles børn

Immediate family means your children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse, or your spouse's children

Har du fået løn fra et selskab, hvor du alene eller sammen med din nærmeste familie ejer mindst 50 % eller har en bestemmende indflydelse?

Have you received a salary from a company (“selskab” such as A/S, ApS) in which you, alone or together with your immediate family, own at least 50% or have a controlling influence?

Ejer du mindst 50 % af den virksomhed, du er blevet ledig fra, enten alene eller sammen med nærmeste familie?

Do you own at least 50% of the business you became unemployed from, either alone or with immediate family?

Ejer din ægtefælle alene eller sammen med nærmeste familie mindst 50 % af den virksomhed du bliver ledig fra?

Does your spouse, alone or with immediate family, own at least 50% of the business from which you become unemployed?

Er selvangivelsen sket efter skattereglerne for selvstændige?

Has the self-assessment tax return been made according to the tax rules for self-employed?

Har du en selvstændig virksomhed?

Are you self-employed?

Var din virksomhed/erhvervsmæssige aktivitet et landbrug?

Was your business/business activity a farm?

Arbejder du mere end 5 timer om måneden i din virksomhed?

Do you work more than 5 hours a month in your company?

Hvilken type erhvervsmæssig aktivitet er din virksomhed?

·       Udlejning af fast ejendom

·       Fredskov

·       Vedvarende energikilde (solceller, vindmøller)

·       Biavl

·       Anden erhvervsmæssig aktivitet

What type of professional activity is your business?

·       Rental of real estate

·       Protected forest

·       Renewable energy source (photovoltaics, wind turbines)

·       Beekeeping

·       Other economic activity

Er du kontraktmæssigt forpligtet til at udføre arbejde i dagtimerne, som forhindrer, at du kan overtage fuldtidsarbejde med dags varsel?

Are you contractually obliged to perform daytime work that prevents you from taking over full-time work at a day's notice?

Blev du ledig efter at have ophørt med selvstændig beskæftigelse?

Did you become unemployed after ceasing self-employment?

Hvornår startede du i virksomheden?

When did you start the company?

Hvornår var din sidste arbejdsdag i virksomheden?

When was your last day at work at the company?


Date of termination

Hvordan er du ophørt?

How did you terminate your company?

Virksomheden er registreret som ophørt hos Erhvervsstyrelsen og Skattestyrelsen

The company is registered as discontinued with the Danish Business Authority and the Danish Tax Agency

Virksomheden er under afvikling

The company is being wound up

Virksomheden er gået konkurs

·       Dato for modtagelse af konkursbegæring i Skifteretten

The company has gone bankrupt

·       Date of receipt of bankruptcy petition in the “Skifteretten” (Bankruptcy Court)

Virksomheden er under tvangsauktion

The company is under foreclosure

Du er udtrådt som medejer af virksomheden

You have resigned as a co-owner of the company

Du er ophørt som medarbejder i din ægtefælles virksomhed

You have ceased to be an employee of your spouse's company

Virksomheden fortsættes af din tidligere ægtefælle i forbindelse med separation eller skilsmisse

The business is continued by your ex-spouse in case of separation or divorce

Virksomheden er bortforpagtet eller udlejet

·       Jeg erklærer, at min virksomhed er bortforpagtet eller udlejet i mindst 3 år uopsigeligt fra min side


·       Jeg arbejder ikke hos forpagteren

·       Bortforpagtningen/udlejningen er ikke til ægtefælle, samlever eller umyndige børn

The company is leased

·       I declare that my business is leased for at least 3 years irrevocably on my part

·       I do not work for the tenant

·       It is not my spouse, cohabiting partner or minor children that are leasing the company

Virksomheden har ændret formål til formueforvaltning og er omdannet til et holdingselskab

The company has changed its purpose to “formueforvaltning” (asset management) and has been transformed into a holding company

Jeg erklærer, at jeg ikke har overdraget virksomheden til ægtefælle, samlever eller umyndige børn

I declare that I have not sell the company to my spouse, cohabiting partner or minor children

Jeg erklærer på tro og love, at virksomheden er under afvikling

I declare in good faith (on faith and law) that the company is being wound up

Du skal fortælle om alle dine virksomheder/selskaber/erhvervsmæssige aktiviteter inden for de seneste 3 år. Det skal du gøre, selv om du ikke har et CVR-nummer og uanset om dine aktiviteter er ophørt

You must tell about all your companies/business activities within the last 3 years. You must do this even if you do not have a CVR number and regardless of whether your activities have ceased

8. Oplysninger om indtægter og aktiviteter

Information about income and activities

Har du andre indtægter eller aktiviteter?

Do you have other income or activities?

Ulønnet arbejde

Ulønnet arbejde er arbejde, du ikke får løn for, men som kan udbydes som almindeligt lønarbejde

Unpaid work

Unpaid work is work for which you are not paid, but which can be offered as regular paid work

Frivilligt ulønnet arbejde

Frivilligt ulønnet arbejde kan være aktiviteter eller arbejde, som du ikke får løn for, og som f.eks. udføres for frivillige organisationer

Voluntary work (unpaid)

Voluntary work is activities or work for which you are not paid, for example for voluntary organisations

Selvstændig virksomhed som bibeskæftigelse/supplerende dagpenge som selvstændig

Hvis du starter en ny virksomhed i dagpengeperioden

Hvis du har haft din virksomhed samtidig med lønarbejde og du har haft mindst 80 løntimer pr. måned i gennemsnit de seneste 6 måneder, inden du meldte dig ledig

Ret til supplerende dagpenge i 30 uger, mens du driver selvstændig virksomhed som bibeskæftigelse


Beskriv virksomhedens aktiviteter og hvordan driften er tilrettelagt

Self-employment as a sideline activity/applying for supplementary unemployment benefits as self-employed

If you start a new business during the unemployment benefit period

If you have had your business at the same time as work as an employee and you have had at least 80 working hours per month on average in the last 6 months before you registered as unemployed

Entitlement to supplementary unemployment benefits for 30 weeks while self-employed as a sideline activity

CVR number

Describe the company's activities and how you have organized the company


f.eks. skolebestyrelse, bestyrelse i aktieselskaber, pengeinstitutter mv., i bolig- og grundejerforeninger og i kulturelle foreninger

Har du bestyrelsesarbejde, du får løn for?

Board duties

e.g. school boards, boards of limited companies, banks, housing and landowners' associations and cultural associations

Do you have board work that you get paid for?


Har du private eller offentlige hverv?

Har du et hverv, som du får løn for?

Det er uden betydning, om indtægten betegnes som diæt, mødediæt, vederlag, honorar, godtgørelse, rådighedsvederlag eller lignende


Do you hold private or public offices?

Do you have an office for which you get paid?

Regardless of whether the income is described as per diems, meeting allowances, remuneration, fees, allowances, availability allowances or similar


Du kan fortsætte med formueforvaltning i hele dagpengeperioden. Hvis du har arbejde med formueforvaltningen, må du ikke arbejde i mere end 5 timer om måneden.

·       Beskæftiget med aktiviteten i højst 5 timer pr. måned

·       Lejeindtægter fra udlejning af fast ejendom

·       Passivt ejer en virksomhed

·       Bortforpagter en virksomhed

·       Forvalter din egen formue

·       Andet

·       CVR-nummer

”Formueforvaltning” (asset management)

You can continue with asset management throughout the unemployment benefit period. If you work in asset management, you may not work for more than 5 hours a month.

·       Engaged in the activity for a maximum of 5 hours per month

·       Rental income from the letting of property

·       Passively owns a business

·       Leases a business

·       Manage your own wealth

·       Other

·       CVR number


Fritidsbeskæftigelse er en erhvervsmæssig aktivitet som hverken er selvstændig virksomhed eller formueforvaltning.

·       Deltidslandbrug med bopæl på landbruget

·       Udlejningsejendom med højst 10 lejemål

·       Egen vindmølle

·       Eget solcelleanlæg

·       Vedvarende energikilde

·       Biavl med højst 20 stader

·       Fredskov

·       Andet

·       CVR-nummer

”Fritidsbeskæftigelse” (Leisure activities)

Leisure activity is a professional activity which is neither self-employment nor “formueforvaltning” (asset management).

·       Part-time farming resident on the farm

·       Rental property with a maximum of 10 leases

·       Own wind turbine

·       Own photovoltaic system

·       Renewable energy source

·       Beekeeping with no more than 20 hives

·       Protected forest

·       Other

·       CVR number

Deleøkonomiske aktiviteter

Activites in sharing economy

Selvbygger eller medbygger

Hvis du f.eks. deltager i at opføre eller ombygge egen bolig. Ikke hvis du blot vedligeholder din egen bolig.

Deltager du i opførelsen eller ombygningen af din egen ejendom?

Self-builder or co-builder

For example, if you participate in building or remodeling your own home. Not if you just maintain your own home.

Are you participating in the construction or redevelopment of your own property?

Deltager du i eller er du tilmeldt undervisning/uddannelse?

Do you participate in a course or education?

Du skal oplyse om al undervisning du deltager i eller er tilmeldt, også selv om undervisningen foregår uden for normal arbejdstid

You must state all courses/education you attend, even if the teaching takes place outside normal working hours


·       Åben uddannelse

·       Aftenskoleundervisning

·       Faglige kurser

·       HF-enkeltfag

·       Gymnasie under 20 timer pr. uge

·       Ikke SU-godkendt uddannelse

·       Vejledningsforløb jobcenter, a-kasse, fagforening

·       8.-10. klasse


·       Open education

·       Evening classes

·       Professional courses

·       HF single subject/individual HF courses

·       High school under 20 hours per week

·       Non-SU-approved education

·       Guidance course job center, unemployment fund, trade union

·       8th-10th grades


Får du dansk eller udenlandsk pension?

Er din pension helt eller delvist arbejdsgiverfinansieret og udbetales løbende?

·       Pensionsart

·       Udenlandsk pensionsselskab

·       Tjenestemandspension

·       Livsvarig arbejdsmarkedspension


Do you receive a Danish or foreign pension?

Is your pension fully or partly employer-financed and paid on an ongoing basis?

·       Type of pension

·       Foreign pension company

·       Civil servants' pensions

·       Lifetime occupational pension

9. Supplerende oplysninger

Complementary information

Har du haft ikke-indberetningspligtig B-indkomst?

Have you had non-reportable “B-indkomst” (income not taxable at source)?

Får du førtidspension, delpension, seniorpension eller tilsvarende udenlandsk ydelse?

Do you receive early retirement, supplementary disability pension or partial pension, senior pension or equivalent foreign pension?

Periode uden løn

Period without pay

Årsag til periode uden løn:

·       Arbejde – løn endnu ikke indberettet

·       Afspadsering

·       Barsel

·       Borgerligt ombud

·       Ferie/fri for egen regning

·       SVU

·       Sygedage

·       Søgnehelligdage

·       Tabt arbejdsfortjeneste

·       Uddannelse på SU

·       Virksomhedslukning pga. ferie

·       Ægtefælles udstationering

Reason for period without pay:

·       Work – wages not yet reported

·       Time off in lieu

·       Maternity leave

·       Civil representative

·       Holiday/free at own expense

·       SVU

·       Sick days

·       Public holidays

·       Loss of earnings

·       Education at SU

·       (Collective) holiday closure (the company was closed due to holiday)

·       Spouse's posting

Har du været i fleksjob/flexjob?

Did you have a flex job?

Har du været i seniorjob?

Did you have a senior job?

10. Statsborgerskab og opholdstilladelse

Citizenship and residence permit

Har du varig opholds- og arbejdstilladelse i Danmark?

Do you have a permanent residence and work permit in Denmark?

Er du dansk statsborger?

Are you a Danish citizen?

Er du borger i et EU/EØS-land?

Are you a citizen of an EU/EEA country?

I hvilket land er du statsborger?

In which country are you a citizen?

Har du varig opholds- og arbejdstilladelse?

Do you have a permanent residence and work permit?

Kopi af pas, EU-registreringsbevis, opholds- og arbejdstilladelse

Copy of passport, EU registration certificate, residence and work permit

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